The Rising Mountains

The Cold Room

The party rests in tomb of the king. As the night wears on, Edris takes his time on watch to read some of the legends and stories of Lann the Lucky, one of the gods that the king and his tribe worshipped. Edris is impressed by the story of this trickster, who stole the sun and returned light to his people, and eventually chooses to carve a symbol of the god to keep with him.

When the adventurers wake up, they listen for any movement of the Draugr or Goblins outside the cave, and scour the tomb for anything that they might be able to use. One corner of the cave has stream running in, and the little bit of air leaking in from the crack that it flowed into at the other end of the chamber was deathly cold. Other than that, the runes surrounding the king’s coffin are still whole. The group chooses not to deface those runes, trusting in them to keep the king’s body safe while they deal with whatever is causing the problem.

Leaving the king’s tomb, the party finds that hallway where the fought the Draugr and the shadow to be eerily quiet. Continuing back the way they came, they come across a lone goblin warrior. Though initially terrified, when they don’t immediately attack him, he tells them what he knows about what happened in the caverns over the night. The goblins are in disarray, their tribal shaman opened up some passageways below the level they are currently on, and went into the passageways. When he came out, he killed the goblin chieftain, and took over, telling the tribe that they had to open up the passageways more, and excavate deeper into those tunnels. Those who tried to stay loyal to the chieftain or oppose the wishes of the shaman have been killed or scattered throughout the tunnels.

The goblin warrior showed them where the shaman and his minions were excavating. He also agreed to take what was left of the tribe that were NOT working with the shaman and vacate the caverns. Heartened by his interactions with the elves and dwarf, he agreed to try to make peaceful contact with the nearby town of Pine Rhim, to see if they could arrange a reasonable living arrangement, as his people had been driven out of their previous home region by a stronger, more organized tribe.

The heroes delved into the passageways beneath the burial chambers. These caverns were mostly natural, worn by water and opened up by the recent earthquakes. There was one massive cavern, split by a chasm, with a narrow rock spur that led across the chasm. There they were attacked by more shadows, this time taking the form of some sort of bird or bat shapes. On the other side of the chasm, some goblins took shots at them as they tried to fight off the shadow shapes. Mithralyn took the form of a giant eagle, swooping across the cavern to fight the shadows. The adventurers crossed the chasm, and headed further down into the passageways that the goblins were trying to open up. There, they found the goblin shaman, standing over an opening that his goblins had opened in the floor. They fought against him, as he used strange cold and shadow based magics against him. After defeating him, they peered down into the chamber below.

The chamber was the source of all of the cold. Within the chamber was a deep well, narrow and dark, that they could not see into. Deducing that this was the source of the magic that was animating the Draugr and that had possessed the goblin shaman. Mith was lowered into the chamber, where she used a stone lid from one of the tombs, carved with protective runes, to cap the well. As she capped the well, her one arm slipped and touched the well, turning it the white color of a frozen corpse. After hauling her back up, Edris and Bjorn enlisted Haepha’s help to re-channel the stream that was flowing into the tunnel from the tomb above. They redirected it into the chamber with the capped well, where the water froze instantly. Over a relatively short time, it would freeze the entire chamber into a solid block of ice, making it difficult for someone to get in and uncap the well.

With the dark magic that was corrupting the tombs locked away, at least for now, the party made their way out of the caverns. They found an exit high on the side of a hill, from which they could see Pine Rhim across the valley. They made their way through the woods in the late afternoon light to the town.


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