The Rising Mountains

Abducted Dwarf

The next morning, Mithralyn, Haepha, and Edris awoke to find Bjorn had disappeared in the night. Searching for tracks, Edris discovered that he had gone off by himself in the direction of the monastery, leaving behind everything that he was not carrying on him. At the foot of the valley, a group of hobgoblins had formed up around him and taken him away. While unable to determine why he had left the camp, the group nonetheless determined that he had been captured, and followed the trail across the valley.

The party made their way through the wooded paths on the hill, avoiding any hobgoblin patrols or cultists that may have been there. As they crested a small ridge on the hill, they saw a small glint, like light off of windows, to the southwest, but decided that rescuing their companion was their primary goal. Leaving the ponies in a meadow at the foot of the path to the monastery, they sneaked around to the back of the outer wall. They found a breach in the wall that they widened, and they slipped into a small courtyard hidden at the back of the monastery. Within the courtyard was a small spring, which seemed to be enchanted in some way. The group then made their way through the secret door from this courtyard into the monastery proper. There they found some hobgoblin guards, which they dealt with quickly. The noise of the fight, however, alerted an ogre that lived in a room on the ground floor of the monastery. There was a tough fight, which ended when Mithralyn transformed into a being of rock and earth, and crushed the ogre against the end wall of the hallway. The noise of this, however, apparently alerted the hobgoblins as a whole – as the party peered into a stairway leading down beneath the monastery, they could hear the pounding of drums below, calling the warriors to arms.


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