The Rising Mountains

Jail Break

Bjorn woke to the muffled sound of drum beats echoing through the earth. He was in a small cell with a wooden door that was barred from the outside. Sharing his cell was Marlowe, who had also been captured by the Hobgoblins.

As Mith, Edris, and Haepha made their way down the stairs into the Hobgoblin stronghold, they could hear drumbeats continue, and the commotion of the Hobgoblins mustering. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, they found that the passageway split – to the left were the continuing sounds of the Hobgoblins, but there was another hallway to the right. They took this right most hallway, which quickly took a left turn – and showed them a short stretch of hallway that ended in an open door, out of which advanced 4 Hobgoblin guards, two with spears and shields, and two with crossbows. Haepha charged the soldiers, while Edris took aim with his bow. Mithraelyn attempted to call on the spirits of the earth to attack one of the crossbowmen. She succeeded, but the spirit’s power caused some of her medicinal herbs to sprout and grow rapidly, quickly choking the hallway with greenery and making the fighting difficult.

In the cell, Bjorn and Marlow heard the sounds of the fight. Recognizing the voices of his companions…his hired help, Bjorn had a brief conversation with Marlowe as to the feasibility of breaking down the door. Quickly determining that neither of them were strong enough to make the attempt, Bjorn called on Babylon the 4th for a miracle – a miracle which arrived in the form of a body that the hobgoblins had killed. Animated by Bjorn’s spell, the body lifted the bar on the door, and Marlowe and Bjorn rushed out to confront their captors.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, the fight was not going as well as the adventurers might have hoped. While Haepha was handling her foe, Mith found herself threatened by the other warriors. Edris lept into the fray to help her with some impressive acrobatics, but in the end was knocked to the floor and battered by the other spearmen. With his ankle badly hurt (and possibly broken), he attempted to back away from his attacker.

In the guardroom, Marlowe and Bjorn rushed in, finding two more guards gathering weapons to join their companions. Marlowe swiftly grabbed up his rapier and rushed forward, skewering one of the hobgoblins in the back. Injured but not yet down, the hobgoblin spun to duel with him. Bjorn, meanwhile, cast a spell of Fear on the other hobgoblin’s spear, causing him to shriek and throw the weapon – and leaving it embedded in the wall just inches from Bjorn’s head. Bjorn found himself pinned behind a table as the hobgoblin continued to attack him – avoiding the spear.

In the hallway, Haepha and Mithraelyn came to Edris’ aid, crushing the hobgoblin that threatened him. Marlowe similarly came to Bjorn’s aid, attempting to finish of his foe. The three warriors in the hallway drove their attackers into the guard room, where the five adventurers together finished off the hobgoblins.

After a brief reunion and some healing spells, the party considered what to do. The pounding of drums still came from corridor, and the sounds of the mustering hobgoblins came closer. As the party turned to return the way they came, a large force of hobgoblins came around the corner and began to advance towards them. Bjorn sent his zombie towards the attackers, and had it set itself on fire as it moved into the front ranks. The confusion this caused temporarily halted the hobgoblin advance, but the party was cut off from their exit, with a hobgoblin army advancing towards them, and behind them the unexplored chambers in which the goblins held their prisoners…


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